Monday, February 17, 2014

Peyton Party The End

 Bonfire with good friends!


Party Planning Digi Style

So it began by party planning with Kellie (Peyton's mother) She wanted to have Peyton a Surprise 16th Birthday party. She wanted camo, hunting and fishing, browns, greens, etc. So, Nanna (that's me) said ok. I have some really good digital files that I can use. She contacted one of her school friends (Heather Johnson Watkins) to make a cake and cookies. Let me just say Awesome! Heather's cake and cookies were perfect for this party. So she used my digital art work and added banners, small signs for each table decor, the party invitation, and so it goes. Credits to: RhonnaDesigns_app using the InstaBanners,and Rhonna Designs website.KPertiet, Found in Nature, Burlap papers, Camo style papers, and the Fisherman designs. It was really fun to do a guy theme for a change. Burlap ribbons, netting, twine, fishing lures, cricket boxes, boots, fishing poles, sticks, party lights and Voila! Let's party! It was a fun time.

So it

Peyton 16th Birthday Party and Bonfire

Peyton Party More Fun

Peyton Party Fun

Peyton's Party